Organic bar syrups


Bella Italia! With our aperitivo bar syrup you can bring the holiday flair straight to your home. The typical "bitter orange" taste is perfect for a homemade aperitif, without alcohol. Cheers!


Our new tonic bar syrup is now available for tonic lovers. It tastes slightly bitter, contains a fine note of lemon and convinces with its quinine taste. You can also become a barkeeper and mix your own tonic water!


Summer, sun, beach and sea. Time for a mojito drink! Completely without alcohol! Try our mojito bar syrup and experience the incomparable lime-mint taste.

The way to celebrate

Enjoy with your friends our barkeeper's selection. Whether at a barbecue party or going out with friends, you can surprise your guests with great mocktails from our bar syrups.

Perfect for soda-maker

Just one part syrup mixed with eight parts soda water and a handful of ice cubes makes your perfect summer drink. Garnished with a slice of orange or lime/lemon - the cool mocktail is ready.

Full taste without alcohol

With our bar syrups, we want to offer an alternative that focuses on responsible enjoyment. Whether with or without alcohol, everyone should be able to have fun and feel good. Sparkling taste without alcohol.