Organic Magnesium Sport

"The ideal recipe for sports enthusiasts"

An isotonic sports drink that quickly supplies the body with energy, fluids and the most important minerals. Our unique formula has been specially designed to fufill the needs of endurance sportsmen/women and for people like you and me. That drink was developed together with the established nutritionist Nina Kienreich, BSc.

Magnesium from natural sources

The special thing about our organic sports drinks is that the magnesium comes from the most magnesium-rich source in Austria and is therefore naturally contained in the product. The magnesium strengthens the muscle power during sports and supports the energy metabolism in the body. Especially after sport, the body can regenerate faster with sufficient magnesium and thus prevent cramps.

Bottle shape specially developed for bicycle bottle holders

Our bottle shape is specially developed for the bike bottle holders. The bottle fits perfectly into any bike bottle holder and is also made of recycled PET.

The bottle with sports cap is easily resealable and therefore very suitable for endurance athletes.

Organic fruit juice directly pressed

Our sports drinks contain tasty, high-quality organic apple juice or organic blackcurrant juice. 100 % directly pressed juice (not from concentrate).

100 % natural ingredients

We only use 100 % natural ingredients in our sports drinks. They are free from artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours and preservatives.

Natural isotonic

Our formula is the optimal thirst quencher for every athlete, as it is natural isotonic. The fluid can be absorbed by the body more quickly and at the same time the body is supplied with valuable nutrients, minerals and water, which is urgently needed during sport. Our organic sports drinks support the optimal fluid supply in the body.

Salt - essential for the electrolyte balance

During sports the body loses not only water but also sodium chloride. In order for the body to maintain its own water and electrolyte balance, it needs salt.

Sugar - a fast supplier of energy

The body needs energy during intensive stress units and in the regeneration phase. Carbohydrates in the form of sugar are converted into energy by the body quite quickly and are therefore important for the performance.

Maltodextrin - supplies long-term energy

Whether for cyclists or hikers - people who are active in sports need a continuous supply of energy to keep up their performance - this is exactly what maltodextrin does. Compared to sugar, maltodextrin is absorbed more slowly by the body and therefore provides long-term energy for better endurance.