Organic Shots

The best for your body - every day!

The human body is the most important thing. You should always take care of it, especially now. Not only from time to time, but every day the body needs our attention. Our new organic health PLUS shots are the best you could do for your immune system. Beside sleep, a balanced nutrition, outdoor activities, the body also needs vitamins and ingredients for regeneration.

Our Immun PLUS Shot

With directly pressed ginger juice and its natural spiciness you find the whole power of nature in only one glass bottle, without added sugar. The natural vitamin C from our shot comes from the acerola fruit which is famous for its high vitamin C content. The spiciness from our shots comes from the gingerols.


Gingerols are ingredients of ginger and their benefits are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral. Further they are positive for blood circulation and the stimulation of the metabolism. Additionally, to that they help to alleviate colds and make the body feel comfortable.

Our Cell-Care PLUS Shot

Our organic Cell-Care PLUS offers you the best mixture out of blackcurrant and aronia. The organic Cell-Care PLUS is also a 100 % directly pressed juice, without added sugar. Also contains natural vitamin C and natural polyphenols. Both fruits contain valuable antioxidants which makes our organic Cell-Care PLUS special.


Antioxidants you can also find in red berries. They protect the cells from oxidative stress and have an anti-aging effect. Further they support the collagen formation for a beautiful skin. Our organic Cell-Care PLUS shot is the best health elixier for your body.

1 bottle contains 8 shots

In each shot bottle you find 8 portions, perfect for your own preparation every day – less plastic waste, for a sustainable lifestyle.

The best of apple cider vinegar & honey!

Oxymel has been known since ancient times and is a mixture of vinegar ("oxos") and honey ("meli"). It contains over 200 ingredients and is therefore a very valuable and wholesome product.

Organic Shot Oxymel Plus

Our Oxymel is a ready-to-drink mixture. It contains naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar, valuable blossom honey, naturally cloudy apple juice and water. We recommend one shot per day before or after meals.

The ancient recipe for your well-being.

Oxymel is used in naturopathy for centuries. It helps the body to detoxify and purify, promotes the breakdown of excess acids and has a digestive effect. In addition, Oxymel supports the alkaline metabolism in the body. As a thirst quencher, Oxymel is an ideal ingredient to enjoy it with mineral water.