Höllinger's Welcome Box

High quality products for tasting

With our welcome box we offer a selection of tastings from our wide assortment. With this we would like to present our products to you even better and convince you of our high quality and natural taste.

What's inside?

1 x Organic syrup ginger 1 x Organic syrup elderflower 1 x Organic cocktail syrup mojito 1 x Organic Beach ACE-Fruits 1 x Organic Cherry-Sprizz 1 x Organic Ice tea wild berry 1 x Organic school juice orange 1 x Organic school juice apple-cherry 1 x Austrian apple juice naturally cloudy 1 x Organic apple-ginger 1 x Organic energy drink 1 x Organic shot Cell-Care

Take a refreshing break

With our products you can take a break during the day, during sports or in the evening to relax and enjoy the fruity taste of Höllinger's products.