About us

The company IMS Höllinger GmbH has its headquarter in Pressbaum. Since 1998 the company has been known for its innovative and high quality organic fruit juices and for its Styrian apple juice in consumer-friendly packaging.

It all began in 1998 with the first article, the Styrian, naturally cloudy direct apple juice. At that time, it was a great idea of Gerhard Höllinger, the founder and owner of the company, which is still a real success story today. The guiding principle: "For our children, the best quality is just good enough" has shaped the company's philosophy from the very beginning, as well as the high quality of the products according to uncompromising organic criteria. The authentic naturalness of the products and their regional origin are not a modern trend, but have decades of tradition at the Höllinger company!

The most important compandy values for Gerhard Höllinger are simplicity, naturalness and mobility.

Managing Director: Gerhard Höllinger

This simplicity can be seen in delicious recipes, in the renouncing of artificial colours, aromas, sweeteners and preservatives.

The naturalness is lived through the use of natural, as little as possible pre-processed raw materials.

This flexibility is reflected in a product range that combines tradition with contemporary flexibility. We respond quickly and gladly to current taste and nutritional trends and to the wishes of our customers.

Our aim is always to bring the full taste of nature directly into the glass - as delicious as fresh from the tree.

Over the years the assortment has grown steadily. Today we offer a wide range of high quality organic products, from organic fruit juices, organic refreshment drinks and organic syrups which are known far beyond Austria's borders. Great importance is also attached to regional products, which are made from high quality Styrian apple juice.

Due to the close relationships with customers, retailers and international distribution partners, Gerhard Höllinger has managed to continuously improve the products and to introduce successful new products to the market. Today you can buy Höllinger fruit juices in more than 40 countries worldwide.