Organic raspberry Sprizz 12x500 ml

Organic raspberry Sprizz 12x500 ml

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Product details

    Product description: Organic raspberry soft drink. Pasteurised.

    Ingredients: Water, sugar*, raspberry juice* 5 % (from raspberry juice concentrate), carbon dioxide, acidifier: malic acid, natural flavour. *From organic farming.

    Storage: Best before: see closure.

    Product features: Organic, vegan

    Item number: 258

    Nutritional values

    100 ml contain on average:

    energy value (kJ/kcal):
    Fat (g): < 0,5
    thereof saturated fatty acids (g): < 0,1
    Carbohydrates (g): 6,8
    of which sugar (g): 6,5
    Protein (g): < 0,5
    Salt (g): 0